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Whether we’re producing a hit show, hosting a live stream, recording a weekly podcast or developing an app – we create socially driven, talent-led content that connects audiences in the places they play, maximizing cultural relevance and in turn building super fans.


Our expansive knowledge of trends generates actionable insights that transform a simple idea into a creatively crafted vision that communicates the core essence of a project.


These combined strategies allow for highly curated, 360-degree programming that emotionally compels consumers in their every day life and fuels authentic sharable content in all the right places.


We produce hundreds of hours of premium and innovative programming, airing across a variety of major networks, OTT and digital platforms. And are the creative forces behind some of the most watched and timeless shows.


With best in class Producers at the helm and talent by our side who trust us, we continue to secure high ratings grounded in powerful storytelling and breakthrough formats.  We make ideas a reality and are dedicated to finding the right home for projects in this ever changing market. 

Branded Content

We are communicators. Our mission is to create visceral and viral content through the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology.


Delivering connected experiences across the consumer journey, ensuring that every interaction increases engagement. From mobile app development to promotional websites and more, we keep consumers engaged with brand stories, seamlessly.


Podcasts attract loyal audiences and help build authority. Subscribers get to know and trust the personalities behind a podcast in a way that most other channels do not allow. 


We help actors, athletes, brands and entrepreneurs strategize, produce, promote and monetize their podcasts. The fresh perspectives and engaging storytelling we develop also allows for these audio shows to make the leap to the screen.  So yes, it is a lot of work, but we are here to help with the challenging parts. 

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Digital Experiences

More than ever, virtual events are serving not just as a supplement to in-person events but are replacing them as a way to engage audiences in a whole new way. 


From reimagining a film festival with thousands of attendees to a live conference with multiple sessions, Embassy Row develops end-to-end premium digital strategies that help companies reconnect with their consumers and communities.


Regardless of location, our objective is clear: combine the power of the live experience with the immediacy and scale of digital to drive engagement. 

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Podcasts are the most buzzed about forms of entertainment and podcast advertising is an efficient way for brands to reach their target consumer. Contact our brand partnerships team to discuss sponsorship opportunities.
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We’re always on the lookout for new opportunities, engagements and partnerships. We believe hard work and being nice to people, paired with great communication and transparency help build strong relationships.